Heavy Duty Tube

IRC Heavy Duty tubes are designed and constructed to offer great performance in the most extreme motorcycle riding conditions. IRC heavy duty tubes are made 3 mm thick and puncture resistant, making them durable to better handle extreme and aggressive use. For maximum performance and durability, IRC tubes are made of a blend of both natural and butyl rubber.
  • Heavy duty tubes are 3 mm thick and puncture resistant.
  • High quality Japanese tubes meet or exceed O.E.M. quality standards.
  • Made of a blend of natural and butyl rubber.
T20076 80/100-21M, 90/100-21M, 90/90-21M, 2.75/3.00-21M TR4
T20056 100/100-18M, 120/80-18M, 3.50/4.10-18M TR4
T20067 100/90-19M, 110/80-19M TR4
T20057 110/100-18M, 130/80-18M, 140/80-18M, 4.00/ 4.50-18M, 4.60/5.10-18M TR4
T20068 110/90-19M, 120/80-19M, 120/90-19M TR4
T20074 90/100-20M TR4
T20041 110/100-17M, 4.00/4.50-17M, 4.60/5.10-17M TR4
T20042 70/100-17M TR4
T20015 90/100-14M, 3.00/3.50/4.10-14M TR4
T20069 70/100-19M TR4
T20028 90/100-16M TR4
T20088 2.50/2.75-10M TR4
T20100 60/100-10M TR4
T20101 60/100-12M TR4
T20102 2.25/2.50-14M, 60/100-14M TR4
T20103 80/100-10M TR4
T20104 2.75/3.00-12M, 80/100-12M TR4

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