Safety Information

When choosing new IRC motorcycle tires, make sure they are the right fit for your motorcycle. Double check the size and intended use and make sure you have made the right selection.


  • RC recommends using only specially trained and professional mechanics to mount your tires. Improper mounting can damage the tire and your motorcycle and could cause serious injury.
  • Only mount front tires on the front and rear tires on the rear of the motorcycle.
  • Never mount any tires other than motorcycle tires on motorcycle wheels.
  • Whenever possible, match front and rear tires for maximum performance and handling.
  • A new tube (if required) and rim strip should also be installed at the same time as the tire.
  • After making proper tire selection, prepare the rim for mounting and clean and lubricate the tire bead.
  • If mounting a directional tire, mount in the direction of the arrow.
  • Seat the bead by inflating the mounted tire to half pressure. Rotate and check the tire to make sure it is seated properly.
  • If it is not seated properly, remove the tire and re-mount. We do not recommend the use of rubber “doughnuts” to help bead seating. If the tire has a tube, deflate and then re-inflate the tube after the bead has seated to eliminate wrinkles and folds. Inflate to recommended pressure and re-inspect for correct seating and alignment.
  • Check pressure at regular intervals and keep tire properly inflated. DO NOT exceed recommended pressure. (Recommended pressure is found on the sidewall)


  • Fitting of tires to a motorcycle should be done in accordance with what is written in the owner’s manual.
  • IRC recommends a break-in period of 100 to 150 miles before subjecting the tire to maximum power and use.


  • Continuously inspect your tires for proper wear. Tires with only 1/32” of tread left (about 0.8 mm) are worn beyond safe tolerances and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Keep tread clean by brushing out rocks, gravel, dirt, etc. whenever possible.


  • If you have to store your motorcycle or set of tires for an extended period, store in a cool, dark place.
  • Light and heat will cause tires to degrade more rapidly.
  • Never allow oil or gasoline to contaminate your tire. Wipe off any oil or gasoline quickly and completely.


  • Small punctures within the tread area can be repaired by qualified tire repair shops or motorcycle shops.
  • The repairer is solely responsible for the repair and any instructions to the repaired tire user.
  • IRC does not recommend the repair of the tube-type motorcycle tires or the tube.
  • A tubeless tire with any of the following cannot be repaired.
    • A puncture in the sidewall
    • Separation of any components—tread, plies etc.
    • The size of the puncture is larger than 1/4 inch
    • Damage to ply cord
    • Damage to bead
    • Cracks
  • Do not use any glazing agents that contain silicone as they may cause the tire to crack. 
  • Wash tires with soapy water a needed.
  • All products listed on this website are designed for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds only. Never use them for other types of vehicles.